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Wooden columns

We have invested in the finest milling equipment and it would be simply wasteful to use lesser quality materials.
We use only the highest grade of finger-joint EASTERN WHITE PINE. We also have available an array of stain-grade materials.

Our stock house columns include sizes of 6,8 and 10 up to 12 long which are non-tapered.
Shafts of bigger and longer dimensions and also columns that taper to architectural proportions
are special order.

Our columns are made up of only the highest grade of type-1 water proof glue. During the
Clamping process each clamp is hand torqued and left in place for a full 16 hours.

Each of our products is hand sanded and thoroughly inspected to ensure that each column
surpasses your expectations and giving you that hand crafted look.

Our columns are made from tongue and groove staves to ensure a stronger and more proper

We are always adaptable to your specifications and are capable of producing allmost anything.
We are truly unique in design.

Plain Non-Tapered Colonial
Fluted Non-Tapered Colonial
Split Coluns To Wrap
Aspen Column Box Base
New Orleans Porch Post
Contemporary Chamfer
Classic Tapered